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MarginEdge is the #1 restaurant management software that gives you real-time reporting while eliminating back office paperwork.

checkTrack food and labor costs in real time
checkAutomate invoice processing
checkManage inventory and recipes
checkEliminate back office paperwork

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The #1 Restaurant Management Software

Avoid surprises at the end of the month. MarginEdge uses POS integration and invoice data to give you a real-time view into your food costs.

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From invoices to insights, minus the headaches.

Whether you’re a multi-unit operator or an independent, MarginEdge automates tedious processes, connects systems and radically streamlines key activities, like inventory, cost-tracking, ordering and recipes.

Get Real Time Food Costs

Get real-time food costs as well as dynamic recipe costing

Automate Invoice Processing

Automate invoice processing with the snap of a picture

Integrate with POS + Accounting

Integrate seamlessly between your POS and accounting

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See your actual costs vs your theoretical costs

Manage inventories

Digitally manage inventories across multiple locations

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Manage recipes and see plate costs in real-time

chef geoffs logo cropped"With MarginEdge the amount of time spent on invoice inputting plunged, the accuracy of that data went up, and the cost of the processing was lowered immensely."

Chris Tracy
Partner, Chef Geoff's Deluxe Hospitality Group

Chef Geoffs

How do we calculate food costs in real-time?

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You Send us Your Invoices

First, your team sends us your invoices and receipts by snapping a pic, emailing us, EDI – whatever is easiest! No more data entry, no more paper storage – that’s it. Really.

Dollar IconWe Turn Invoices into Prices

We process everything you send within 48 hours, so all item-level detail is in MarginEdge. With prices updated constantly, your inventory and recipe prices are up-to-date… always.

Line chart iconYou Get Immediate Cost Tracking

MarginEdge connects to your POS, so we have your sales and purchase info, giving you virtually real-time food, beer, and operating cost % tracking.

Locations iconYou Can Compare Across Your Locations

See all locations at a glance, and compare them by total or category budget. See who’s crushing it and who’s not – and let your managers know where they rank compared to their peers.

Fish iconGet Theoretical vs. Actual Food Cost

Track theoretical compared to actual usage of all ingredients, including food/beverage or liquor, and make sure nothing is taking a bite out of profits.

Trends iconGet Ahead of Industry Trends

Easy-to-read price movers charts show you what’s happening with your vendor pricing. Plus, configure custom alerts to email you when key ingredient prices change.

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